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Wine Producers

We understand pests have no place on your tasting notes. But trust us: you don’t want your tasting notes to include earthy flavours from an unexpected pest.

Rentokil has a team of experts in your local area defending reputations from the wily ways of pests.

You can rely on the experts at Rentokil to deal with usual seasonal ups and downs. In times like these you need someone you can trust. Our expertise ensures you reduce the risk of damage and contamination of stock.

Rentokil's Services for the Wine Industry

Problems with pests are a constant cause for concern for those in the viticulture industry. Our pest control solutions will protect your vineyards, property, land and any stored products against daily pest threats. Non-toxic pest control methods feature highly in our range of services for this particular industry and is safe for use in even highly sensitive environments, including farming too.

Get Rentokil on your side so you can be free to concentrate on what you do best.

Why Rentokil?

We invest heavily in a highly experienced and knowledgeable teams located right across the country. Our specialists can provide a range of services, which could greatly benefit your business.

Service Benefits

  • Qualified technicians - our technicians have industry specific expertise and undergo regular training on the latest innovation and processes. This enables us to provide you with the best available pest control solution.
  • National coverage - our nation-wide coverage means we’re always local to you and understand your local requirements.
  • Non-toxic solutions - ensure full compliance with legislation related to the wine industry and at the same time provide highly effective solution to any pest problems identified.
  • Full audit compliance - with every visit from a Rentokil technician, you’ll receive a detailed report on observations, notes of treatment and recommended action. You have the option to keep this information in hard copy on your premises or have access to it online.

Reporting choices to suit you

With every visit from a Rentokil technician, you’ll receive a detailed report on observations, notes of treatment and recommended actions so that you have the right information to hand whenever it’s needed.